Mrs. Eleftheria Germanaki is an Agronomist with 30 years’ experience in modern cultivation techniques, agricultural sector development and olive oil quality evaluation. 

  • Currently she is the Director and Panel Supervisor in the Sensory Evaluation Laboratory of Crete ACR, located in Rethymnon/Crete. The Laboratory is certified under the National System of Accreditation Organoleptic Assessment (ESYD).  
  • Furthermore, she is a consultant and trainer for the virgin olive oil production and quality assurance.
  •  Mrs Germanaki is organizing seminars and training courses on olive oil quality, extraction and organoleptic characteristics within Greece and abroad. 
  •  In addition, she is writing related articles in digital and printed media.   
  • Eleftheria is participating as experienced and certified judge, in a variety of International Olive Oil Competition since 2014, in USA, Italy, Israel and Greece.
  • She works closely with the scientific institutions of the island and the local authorities towards the improvement of the olive oil sector. 
  • Since 2015, in collaboration with the Prefecture of Crete, she is organizing the Cretan olive oil competition (COOC), in the facilities of her laboratory.